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So tan is topped up nails are freshly done, hair is super shiny and minus split ends thank goodness. Dress picked out and book to read as I've been warned she's often late.

This weekend I plan to pack up M's Christmas presents, i had got out a load of dollars to send so she could travel to her g mother s need to exchange them back I had also put together a scrap book filled with our holiday memories tooks ages to do and the picture I drew lol went abit funny on oneside but I know she would of appreciated the gesture. Her main gifts had been an edition of Alice in wonderland which had beautiful illustry from 1900 and an Alice in wonderland pocket watch bit eccentric but was so pretty. I'm just going to pack them away they were meant for her so can't give them to anyone else.

Oh my bros gf had her scan yesterday and everything is good baby wriggling round like crazy apparently. I've got my hospital day tomorrow then Tuesday is my scan. I hate all the back and forth stuff but no getting round it I guess. Think I'll always have M in my ear making sure I do what I'm meant to. S' all Gud :) Will all be over soon enough just a few more months thank goodness

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Posted on 08:18PM on Jan 10th, 2013
hi hope they enjoyed the scrapbook
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